SPOILER ALERT | The Walking Dead February Premiere

How’s everyone doing after all of THAT drama?!

Seriously. I’ll admit, for some reason I did not expect it to get crazy that soon. I have no idea why not, because I know better than to think things will remain semi-okay for long. I mean really, the last time we saw the gang, they were walking through a mass herd of zombies covered in guts. Lets be honest though, we all knew Sam was gonna screw things up. Now the whole freaking family is dead.


Poor Rick though.

I’d like to dedicate this post to him.

He was doomed from the start. First, he watches his girlfriend’s kid get his head chewed on. Next, he watches her get her head chewed on. Then the poor guy has to hack her dang hand off. As if that didn’t put him on edge enough, moments later he has a gun aimed straight at his face at the hands of- no other than- his dead lady’s remaining living child. That’s okay though, Michonne has his back and kills the brat.

Shew, that was close. Now he has a chance to pull himself together enough to get the gang out of there before more attention is drawn to them- enough already has been at this point. Walkers know something’s up.

Wait…… Carl, where the hell did your eye go? Oh cool. It got shot out by a stray bullet from that stupid kid.

Rick, buddy, you can’t catch a break this episode. You need a beer?

Nope, all he needs is a little therapy. Time to massacre some walkers. We all saw that one coming. He’s just unstoppable, isn’t he? Apparently, things were really put into perspective for him though. I don’t know about you guys, but his heart to heart with Carl there at the end tugged on this girls heart strings. The big finish: when Carl responded to said heart to heart by squeezing his dad’s hand. *tear*

OH, and let’s not forget to give Daryl a round of applause for blowing up those bikers and sending those walkers for a warm swim.


The Talking Dead: We took a peek behind the curtain tonight, learning about the legit special effects and hard work that went into this action packed episode. And what about that freaking ridiculous dummy of Carl?! Like, that’s scary. We also learned that Carrie Underwood (heart eyes) is a dedicated fan, and that she argues an adorable case about her survival chances in the apocalypse. Luke, you better get your hunting gear, because if something goes down, she wants you there to have her back.

Happy V-Day Z-Day!




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